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Thank You For Choosing Me
With you my heart will lie
Until the day that I die
I love you with all of my heart
I hate it when we are apart
You truly know me inside and out
And love me even when I pout
In the winter we dress in layers
I thank God for answering my prayers
You make me the happiest man alive
I am so proud that you chose me to be with you the rest of our lives
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Apple of my Eye
You rise with the sun, and fall with the moon
When you sing to me you are always in tune
You make me laugh and make me giggle
And yes, you snore just a little
I love when you laugh and hate when you cry
No matter what you're the apple of my eye
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How A Man Should Treat His Lady
Every man should love his lady
Compliment her each and every day
Sing her a little melody
As they lay under the tall oak tree
Whisper sweet nothing's in her ear
Tell her all the things she loves to hear
Kiss her, hold her, cuddle her close
Make her feel your evey heart beat
Check her pulse and feel it rise
As you stare into her deep blue eyes
Caress her, cherish her, respect her
And she will be yours until the end of time.
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Past, Present, Future
Her voice is so soft and sweet
She makes my heart melt with every beat
The wind whispers thoughts of praise
As I think about her all of my days
She walks with a sweet surrender
In my arms I will always remember
Those times we'd sit at the lighthouse
Where I proposed while it was still light out
There was a chill and some light rain
Only a matter of time before that day came
Bent down on one knee
Erin will you please marry me
She said yest to my question
Every day you see our progression
To love hard and to love deep
She named her blue car Beep Beep
Together we share a kitten named Martini
Forever and ever we will be a family
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Eight Steps
One step, two step, three step, Four
Off to work you walk through the door
Thirteen hours until we meet again
I am so happy your my best friend

I think of you all through the day
Work, work, work, rent we must pay
Until the moment I walk through the door
Is the best moment I've been waiting for

Five step, six step, seven step, Eight
Soon to dream land not to be late
Thank you again for choosing me
I will always love you tremendously
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Fourth Of July
Independence Day, A Day of Recogning
A time to gather
A time to remember
Bombs bursting in air
Liging up the darkend sky
Family & Friends unite with BBQs
Some laugh, some smile, some cry
We rejoice in this grand occassion
To remember our freedom rings lound and true
For our Flag in Red, White & Blue
Our Flag stands tall and proud
through the fight and struggles with all its might
We celebrate the fourth of July.