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Father's Day
Father's Day is coming soon and it is so tough to think about how I do not have my own father any more in this world. I know he is around me in spirit as I can feel him sometimes but it is just not the same.

Reflecting on past Father's Days we used to do things together and go out for a nice lunch or even a nice dinner together. It is hard every year. It is coming up on 2 years in September that my father left us and it makes things difficult.

This Father's Day I will meet up with my sister at our father's grave site and just sit and reflect on the days when he was on this Earth physically. How many of you out there no longer have your father or mother around to celebrate any grand occassion? Shoot, I just got married last month and it was so difficult seeing that he was not sitting next to my mother. We had a picture of him in the seat but I could tell it was killing my mother to know that she could not share her joy with him.

I have an amazing father in law that I have greatly adopted and we will be hanging out with him on Saturday. It works just the same because he is an amazing man just like my father was.

Happy Father's Day Pop... I miss you terribly.