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Father's Day Eve
So, in the McGrath family they celebrate all of the holidays on the eve. Yesterday, we were with Erin’s parents all day. We met up and went out to Ventura Harbor Nature Center and walked around with Gracie and showed her all of the plants that are in the area. It was like a mini hiking trail. We then set up a nice picknick that included all of the things that Erin’s dad loves. Gracie even made her grandpa an amazing Penut Butter and Jelly sandwich. It was the perfect day at the beach. It was not too hot and there was a light ocean breeze that kept it nice and cool.

Then we went to another place there in Ventura and had a BLAST in an arcade where we took turns playing air hockey and winning Gracie tickets so she could get a nice little gift. It was so much fun and I am sure that Gracie had the best time.

We then left Ventura and went back to Erin’s parents house and shared wine, and Margo made dinner. This included, taquitos, mini pizza bites and home made orange chicken… amazing.

Then we made smor’es for Gracie and everyone. That was so much fun because I was incharge of lighting the marshmellos on fire to make them nice and crispy. The night ended with everyone in the living room dancing to the music of Papa’s generation. It was a blast and we were all having so much fun. This family is the best that I could have ever adopeted through marriage.

Tonight, Erin and I are going to cook her parents a nice steak dinner and just enjoy the evening. I am sure that it is going to be amazing. I love Erin and her family so much. They are a great extension to my family.