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Crown King

I do what I want

Midnight Revenge
11 November 1982
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Fun, outgoing, sensitive, interesting, outrageous, awesome,
Cool, bodatious!I enjoy camping and the great outdoors. I
absolutely love going to Dodger games! I am into sports and working out. At least I am working on it. I like riding my bike around and walk my dog Beau. The best moment is when I am driving my truck. When most people might sit down and read, or maybe go for a run or even sit in the hot tub to relax, I usually will just take a drive to where ever I end up. This is very relaxing to me. I really enjoy hanging out with friends and just having a good time. Please hit me up if you would like to chat or go to Starbucks, In-N-Out, TGIF, Any where for SUSHI. SUSHI is my favorite food of all time. I some day would love to learn Japanese and open my own Sushi joint. Talk to you soon!